What Are Your Options For Hardwood Flooring?

There's no other kind of flooring that match the elegance, charm and natural beauty of wood flooring. If you're thinking of buying hardwood floors for your house, then it is integral to know the different kinds, options as well as finishes available for it. You have to ask yourself questions like should you buy engineered or solid wood floors, what does handscraped means, can hardwood flooring be installed over concrete slab, how you could keep your floors in tip-top shape for the following years and so forth. To get started, visit  http://clsflooring.com/ .

There are lots of choices that you could have with regards to wood flooring whether you believe it or not. Its differences come in how every piece is made, harvesting methods and the finishing processes which is the same reason why specific types of woods are used for installations.

When buying hardwood flooring, following are different types used for it. Click here for more info on Pittsburgh hardwood refinishing .

Number 1. Solid - fact is, these flooring options are about 3/4 inches thick and these normally come from single piece of hardwood that's cut into planks. Basically, solid wood planks are being installed above grade and never over a concrete slab or in a basement.

Number 2. Engineered - engineered wood flooring is available in different levels of thickness which generally range from 1/2 to 1/4 inches. In regards to its construction, it is involving gluing and laminating various wood plies in an effort to form a single plank. These engineered planks can be installed over dry concrete slab.

Number 3. Longstrip - actually, this is a variation of engineered stone that creates a longer and wider plank.

Number 4. Exotic - it is the kind of term used for hardwood floors that come from different parts of the globe which include Australia, Germany, Africa, Asia, Russia and South America.

Number 5. Handscraped - this is very popular hardwood floor option whether you believe it or not. Handscraped floors are basically wood planks that have been manually scraped, hence its name to be able to give an ancient and worn look at every piece. Whether you want them in solid or engineered construction, that would not be a problem.

Number 6. Distressed - like hand-scraped woods, distressed hardwood is also scraped not by hand but by a machine to achieve a unique texture and look.

Number 7. Unfinished and prefinished - if it is prefinished, the wood was finished at the factory prior to the purchase and installation while unfinished floors should be finished right after the installation. Prefinished hardwood floors also offer great varieties of options with few clean up after the installation and as for unfinished hardwood floors, they're perfect for those who want a more personalized finish.